Tips for Planning the Best Custom Floor Plan in California
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Tips for Planning the Best Custom Floor Plan in California

May 7, 2019

If you’ve decided to build your own home, you’ll want to make sure that it fits your vision for your dream house. The right custom home builder in Sonoma County, CA can help turn your dream into reality. If you need help designing your perfect floor plan, read on for the tips that will transform your vision:

  • Stay practical: While innovative, surprising design is in, you’ll want to keep the motto “form follows function” in mind. In other words, function is the most important aspect of custom home design. Simple and traditional homes can be beautiful. While open homes also have their appeal, some people prefer to have separate spaces for different uses. Think about what you’ll use each room for when working on your floor plan.
  • Safety: Safety is an important consideration when designing your ideal floor plan. Whether you have kids you need to keep an eye on, aging parents living with you or any differently abled person inhabiting the home, you’ll want to think about staircase placement, the presence of balconies inside or outside the home and other safety concerns. Design a space that makes it easy to keep an eye on those who need it, such as a cutout between the kitchen and living room where kids might be playing, or a window into the backyard from the family room.
  • Emphasize your assets: Think about your lot and what aspects you’d like to highlight, and let your custom home builder in Sonoma County, CA know. If there’s a particular tree or type of vegetation you’d like to preserve, or a view you’d like visible from the room you’ll spend the most time in, there are ways to work around those highlights. You’ll also want to think about where you’ll be getting the most sun, and where you’d like to open up to the sun or get some shade during hot summer afternoons. East- and south-facing windows are best for light, but not too much heat.
  • Stick to your budget: Whether building a new custom home in Sonoma County, CA or renovating your old home, you don’t have to go over budget for a breathtaking finish. Set reasonable limits with the help of your builder, and check in often about the status of the costs and progress.
  • Open up the space: While traditional homes have many smaller rooms, newer homes are opening up the space into large multi-purpose areas with fewer walls. This can appeal to many families, creating a cohabiting, social home for everyone. It also opens up the space visually, allowing air and light to flow throughout the home. If you’re renovating, consider knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room or living areas for a fun change.

If you’re looking for a custom home builder in Sonoma County, CA, ABA Custom Homes Inc. is the premier remodeling contractor in the area. We can transform your vision into the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. As a design-build firm, we can handle all aspects of custom home building and remodeling, from site planning through the finishing touches. Consult with us today to bring your dream home to life!

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