How to Find the Perfect Land in California for a Custom Home
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How to Find the Perfect Land in California for a Custom Home

April 23, 2019

Building your own custom home in Sonoma County, CA is an exciting adventure. Many people have visions of their dream home, and once they know exactly what they want, no other pre-made home will do. However, even when you have your floor plan drawn up and materials picked out down to the kitchen countertops, you still have to decide where to build. Take some time to evaluate your lot before purchasing, and keep the following in mind.

Lot and topography

Some lots are easier to build on than others, and some require some serious alterations. Your custom home builder in Sonoma County, CA should be able to evaluate the natural and artificial features of the lot and determine if any extra work needs to be done for leveling or removing physical abnormalities. Trees can be removed or built around, and rocks will need to be removed. These details cost extra time and money, so you’ll need to keep this in mind when scouring for your dream location. Utilities also need to be considered, if you’re building in a location that doesn’t already have plumbing and electricity lines. Connecting costs can run up the cost of your building project.

You’ll also want to make sure the dimensions of your dream custom home in Sonoma County, CA will allow it to fit on the lot you’ve chosen. Visualize your home on your lot and think about how close you’ll be to the neighbors and what views you’ll have from every side of your home.

Evaluate the neighborhood

Other than the physical lot you’re building on, the next most important thing is the surroundings. You’ll want to evaluate the neighborhood you’ve chosen to build in, including your neighbors and proximity to the places you frequent. You may be interested in visiting the neighborhood at different times of day to see how it looks and feels, as well as watch the neighbors to see if they’re friendly with each other, if they have kids and if their kids are playing outside.

You’ll also want to think about your proximity to the places you need to get to, such as work, schools and social gatherings. Where are the nearest grocery stores and shopping locations? Do you want to be near the central heart of the city, or further into the suburbs? If you want to be in a growing neighborhood, evaluate how many other freshly built houses there are in the area, as well as new businesses.

Listen and consider

The sights and businesses are not the only things you’ll need to consider when evaluating the neighborhood—you’ll also need to think about noise. How much do the sounds of traffic bother you, and how much traffic will there be around your neighborhood? The noise of dogs and kids playing can also be bothersome to some, who may prefer the noises of traffic in an urban area to the sounds of a family neighborhood. Evaluate your own preferences and the noise that is likely to be present in the area you’ve chosen. Few neighborhoods are silent.

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