Keep Erosion Control in Mind When Building a Home
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Keep Erosion Control in Mind When Building a Home

December 27, 2018

When faced with the prospect of building custom homes in Sonoma County, CA, there are a number of things that may come to mind immediately: the style of the home, the type of windows that you’ll select, the kind of flooring that you’ll want to install in the kitchen and so much more. Unfortunately, many prospective custom home owners don’t put the same degree of thought into the suitability of their selected construction site.

There are a number of site complications that may make even the most well-constructed custom homes in Sonoma County, CA unlikely to stand the tests of time. It’s important to understand the way that the site you choose will affect the longevity of your living space. Additionally, site conditions can drastically impact construction costs and maintenance needs. While there are very few sites that aren’t suitable for home building, there are some sites that may require additional considerations if you want to use them to construct your dream home.

Here are some of the most important things to remember when identifying a site on which to build your custom home:

  • Soil conditions: Soil conditions are among the most costly unforeseen circumstances that affect custom home building. Some builders may encounter everything from completely solid bedrock to slippery sand—or a combination of the two on the same site! It’s advisable to have a survey conducted of your prospective site’s soil conditions prior to beginning construction.
  • Slope: If you’re building your custom home into a slope, it’s likely to substantially increase the costs of construction. Flat lots are always going to be more cost-effective for construction. Additionally, if a slope is coupled with soft soil, substantial amounts of reinforcement may be necessary to ensure that the home is safe from landslides and erosion.
  • Sewer drainage: In sewage systems, everything needs to flow downhill. This means that your home should be placed at the top of a hill. If your lot is completely flat, it may need to be graded to accommodate the needs of your sewer line. As always, the soil type will also play a role in your home’s sewage drainage.
  • Sunlight: While this may not seem as significant as the other considerations you’ll need to make when identifying a site on which to build your custom home, exposure to sunlight can dramatically impact the amount of money that you spend on energy.

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